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A fancy new service called Keybase is being alpha'd, which provides a place to pop public keys, and prove that you're the owner using other online identities, like Twitter and GitHub.

My Keybase profile is here.



I collaborate on a selection of projects with peers, and tend to do this using GitHub. I also dump some personal projects up there, for sharing or posterity.

Some sexy graphs from my github activity are below, in the work section.

Social Media

I have the normal slew of social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, even a LinkedIn.


I can also be found on freenode IRC - normally with the handle graymalkin.


My related tinkering projects can be found on the section of this website dedicated to it, here.


I'm studying for a BSc in Computer Science with a Year in Industry.

XMOS 2014 - 2015 (expected)


For my Year in Industry I'm worked for a Bristol based semiconductor company called XMOS, as an Engineering Intern. They make many-cored processors and tooling to develop for the platform. I built tools and software libraries for the platform, including working on an MP3 Library port lib_mp3

University 2012 - 2016 (expected)

University of Kent School of Computing

I study Computer Science at the University of Kent. I'm just finishing my 2nd year, and am about to move onto my year in industry. A transcript of my module results are available here.

I was elected one of two course representatives for the 2nd year of my course, along with Ed Lepedus. This involved liaising with staff and students about matters arising with course content and the day-to-day funcitoning of the department; as well as providing feedback on course material and teaching quality.

My GitHub

Some data from my GitHub profile, pulled from Google Big Query.?

Commits / Hour of the day

Languages in my GitHub


I have also been the Communications Officer for TinkerSoc a society to which I am very committed and enjoy very much.

My role was to liaise with other society members to keep them informed of activities and to get their opinions and views back to the rest of the committee. I have also helped design and develop projects with them.

Many projects including the details to the Tube Amplifier (boad layout pictured bellow) are detailed here.

PCB Design




I started gliding in February 2015. It is a fantastic and exciting sport, which I'd advise anyone to try.

While living in Bristol on my placement year, I have been gliding with the Bristol and Gloucestershire Gliding Club at Nympsfield.

Bristol University Gliding Club have been wonderful in adopting me as a member for a year, and I have enjoyed their company at Nympsfield and in the expeditions to The Long Mynd in April, and to the Inter-Unis competition at Bicester.



In the summer before university a friend and I travelled in China for 6 weeks as a sort of "mini gap year" as neither of us wanted to take a full year out of education.

We started in Shanghai (pictured) and travelled to Beijing, Chengdu, Lijiang and eventually onto Hong Kong. We stayed in a Hindu monastery, and hiked to the Leshan Grand Buddha, explored the technology markets in Hong Kong, walked along the great wall and ate Peking duck, in Peking.

It was a fantastic experience, and I look forward to going back.

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