PhD Student


I am a PhD candidate in the Programming Languages and Systems group at the University of Kent. I work with Mark Batty researching weak memory and compiler verification. My academic profile page is here.

My current work is looking at implementing memory models using logic solvers. There is a paper under submission at CAV 2018, titled PrideMM: A Solver for Relaxed Memory Models it can be read here. I have recently presented this work at the Aarhus Concurrency Workshop, with a talk called Further Work On Thin Air Reads.


I graduated from the University of Kent with a First in Computer Science with a Year in Industry.


I was the president of TinkerSoc, a society dedicated to making things, particuarly electronics, I've since passed over the mantle to Elliot Carr but continue to be involved in the society. I have a handful of projects described on my Tinkering pages.


As one of the Post Graduate Research representatives, and represent students of the school of computing in various committee meetings. I also help organise the PG away weekend and the PG conference. If you have a question or a problem, get in contact using the details below.


I spent my Year in Industry (YII) at the Bristol based semiconductor company XMOS. XMOS produce a line of multi-core embedded processors called the xCORE. I built tools and applications for the platform, including a port of an MP3 library, lib_mp3.


I started gliding in February 2015. It is a fantastic and exciting sport, which I'd recommend to everyone.

While living in Bristol on my placement year, I have been gliding with the Bristol and Gloucestershire Gliding Club at Nympsfield.

Hangared Gliders

Bristol University Gliding Club have been wonderful in adopting me as a member for a year, and I have enjoyed their company at Nympsfield and in the expeditions to The Long Mynd in April, and to the Inter-Unis competition at Bicester, where I came 2nd on progression with 1300 points.

I have since moved back to Canterbury and am gliding with Kent Gliding Club at Challock, and visit Nympsfield for my holidays.


You can contact me via email,, on KentIRC in #cs, on freenode under the nick graymalkin, and occaisionally can be contacted via amateur radio on SSTV (14.230MHz) and on the Canterbury repeater (433.150MHz +1600KHz/103.5). My callsigns are M6GFL and 2E0GFL.

I use PGP if that floats your boat, my PGP fingerprint is 49BC 8FD6 E61B B9CA BA97 A33C 33AA 9C37 025D 2B62 and I have a keybase profile here. I quite like people signing my PGP key so if you're a PGP user too, give me a poke and we can arrange a time to exchange fingerprints in person.

Other bits

I keep a blog here with thoughts and anecdotes from my PhD. Some of my notes are available here, in some roughly chronological order. I help organise the KentIRC Meats, information on the mailing list and the current Poker champions can be found there. There's also the tinkering pages with project write-ups from over the years.